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  • graham:

    if two girls kissing offends you, then grow up

  • on ireland performance:

    good news for the irish economy, i hear they’ve discovered oil there. too bad it’s baby oil and they appear to have used it all on his backing dancers.

  • graham on montenegro:

    the picture quality of the moon landing was better than this link to Montenegro

  • montenegro:

    we have to be brief, don’t we?

  • graham:


  • graham:

    i don’t think bonnie can win now, i don’t know, i’m not carol vorderman.

  • petra:

    we're half through voting now

  • graham:

    oh that's depressing

  • estonia:

    shows up

  • graham:

    is he standing outside a prison?

  • albania:

    petra you look gorgeous tonight!

  • graham:

    better than you

  • armenian guy:

    (singing) should i live, should i die without your love--

  • graham:

    you should leave

  • eric:

    i'll help you to the bathroom

  • graham:

    don't do that eric, that's how rumours start

  • germany:

    we're having so much fun!!!1!

  • graham:

    speak for yourself

  • dude:


  • graham:

    oh look, it's sideshow bob, nice of him to show up

  • petra:

    azerbaijan won 2 years ago, it can still happen now!

  • graham:

    god, please, no

  • denmark:


  • graham:

    busy right now, just won the eurovision, i'll call back later. #donereallywell!!1!1!

  • voting after denmark has won:

    proceeds, ppl giving points to russia or idk

  • graham:

    can someone please tell her she can't win now

  • graham:

    oh flowers now, marvellous

  • graham:

    my taxi is waiting outside so if she could sing as quick as possible, that would be nice